v.096a UPDATE—It's worthy!

The controls have been tweaked quite a bit and several bugs were fixed. The last version debuted as Global Game Jam submissions were coming to a close and was functional but missing a lot of the core play mechanics. I added a little polish but mostly under-the-hood updates. Finally, it's a decent, playable game with a few bells & whistles. However, there is still much work to be done to get this line with what I originally envisioned.

v.096a changes:

  • Fixed bug where player can go off-screen
  • Added cooldown timer for projectiles
  • Refined vocalization animations
  • Added sonic projectile animation
  • Added penalty when using projectiles
  • Fixed bug where projectile fires only in one direction
  • Fixed animation transition where player keeps walking
  • Fixed bug where player gets stuck in blocks
  • Added message change when player obtains item
  • Added power-up/ammo
  • Additional sprites for power-up items
  • Redesigned level map
  • Feather effect

Future changes:

  • Change message text for different power-up types
  • Expanded level
  • Additional player sprites
  • Add new player actions
  • Larger, redesigned enemy sprites
  • Enemy attack/damage
  • Fix enemy spawning
  • River damage, interaction
  • Warning flash when HP gets dangerously low


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Feb 09, 2021

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