Cyborg Warrior is here!

Proud to announce the latest update of Cyborg Warrior. There are a lot of changes under the hood as well as visually. Gameplay has been completely revised and the weapons system has been significantly bolstered. Stage one is mostly complete with the exception of enemy attacks and perhaps a boss at the end. I'm still working on it.

v.02 Changes:

  • added screenshots!
  • player out of bounds fix
  • audio tweaks on title screen
  • enemy face melt animation
  • generated rocks, cars
  • enemy detection range
  • introduced grenade / bomb / emp weapon
  • fixed collision alignment bug
  • fixed enemy walk animation
  • fixed enemy acceleration bug
  • fixed overlapping sprites bug
  • fixed no bombs showing bug
  • added new sprites for bomb
  • scaled sprites throughout—temporary placeholders until sprites are redrawn

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Aug 02, 2021

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