Distance!—A hiking-themed game for all ages, inspired by avoiding others while navigating the nature trail. All you do is walk! 

A quick single-player game, that takes around 15 minutes to complete. This simple hike starts quietly but ramps up to crazy and requires quick reflexes, endurance and concentration. The only goal is to get to the finish line without making contact with others. It's a literal no-contact walk through the park. Think Frogger meets Pac-Man

The game runs in your browser. Please try it out and let me know what you think. Is anything confusing or not making sense? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Press the arrow keys (or w,a,s,d) on your keyboard or use direction controls on a gamepad to move around. 

Approximately 15 minutes. I can beat the 3rd stage in 6 minutes—Can you beat my time? 


Software Credits
Made with Godot Engine

Known Issues:
- Not compatible with iOS.
- Pressing PAUSE freezes the game
- Title screen requires mouse click before pressing START
- Countdown displays too many numbers

Development log

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