#DreamyQuest13 @soybaby
Once was a dream, now it's real. Join these cuties on a quest to discover where dreams are made. Help bystanders along the way. An original magic adventure with a deadly twist. Inspired by Castlevania 2 & SMB 2

Now for mobile — Touchscreen compatible

Keyboard / Mouse / Gamepad support



Movement ……… W, A, S, D / Arrow keys

Run / Punch ……… "<" key / Left-click

Jump ……… ">" / Right-click

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lol wtf, was that the whole game ?

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Haha sorry I’m still working on it but I just wanted to post up an early preview for feedback.  What do you think so far? I’m working on a second stage but its going slow because I keep adding things. I’ll let you know when it’s up 

Pretty great so far! Hope you make the second level on time ! 

Alright, hella weird but strangely good? I think.

I just updated it with a second stage. We're almost out of time to add more to levels but I'm gonna be cranking up the weird factor in future updates—I thought it wasn't as weird as I wanted it to be. So many bugs were slowing me down

Hi friend!

As always, your graphics are very impressive! It's nice to see your fast learning in game dev. 

Can you enable the fullscreen method on itch.io configurations? XD. I needed to zoom out to 67% to play this game. But it's awesome!

Congrats! =) 

Thanks for letting me know. I'm glad you like it. I keep starting new games and only get to make one level because the jams are over so quickly and no more time. 

I changed the default size and added the fullscreen button. What is the best size for your display?

Hi! Thanks for changing the size and add a fullscreen option =). 

My display is a standard 4x3 notebook resolution (1920 x 1080). With the browser size, I think an 800 x 600 resolution works well. 

But actually, with your resizing, the game resolution is working well for my setup. 

Here, a screenshot from my screen =).